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At Stratus Leads we pride ourselves in owning an elite role in the industry, providing the highest quality, sought after and vetted leads. We leverage our diverse experience, exclusive partnerships, and leading edge in today’s rapidly developing method of business. Our approach to every interaction is a means to continue the evolution of our work valuing and utilizing our foundational best practices, while introducing emerging technologies.


Lead Acquisition is the first step. We partner exclusively with high quality sources to deliver valuable data. Stratus Leads utilizes a multi-channel conglomerate of sources such as display, email, search, as well as off line models by way of call center phone verification to provide unmatched quality. From there we carefully match sources with our partners, continually optimizing the process to match our partners unique needs.


Auto Insurance

Skillfully qualifying the right auto insurance consumers is something we have been doing well for years. Our keen familiarity and experience in this vertical will give you the quality you are seeking.

Home Insurance

Home insurance is a strong vertical that we have successfully mastered. Partner with us to get matched with your targeted demographic.

Life Insurance

Life insurance shopping provides a complex array of options. Stratus Leads specializes in providing specifically targeted leads to insure the highest conversions.

Health Insurance

Stratus Leads has expert level experience in health insurance. Contact us to take the first steps in getting matched to the perfect source for you.

Auto Financing

The auto financing vertical provides a competitive landscape with an endless amount of consumerism. Stratus Leads provides qualified and converting auto financing audiences.

New Car

The new car industry benefits from both our knowledge and experience. Take advantage of our vetted, high quality leads and watch your efforts pay off.

Home Improvement

Home owners are constantly in search of the right home improvement solutions. We have skillfully created practical and logical flows allowing you to provide their perfect end to end solution.


Solar has opportunity with multiple demographics of homeowners. Benefits are endless, we provide high converting solar leads.

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